About Us

I’m a writer from a small town in Oklahoma who studied physics and political science at Stanford and traveled the world in my twenties (mostly the Middle East). My first book was published shortly before our wedding. I’m working on a novel now.

My husband is a Turkish guy (tall, dark, handsome, etc) whom I met while playing pick-up soccer in New York City. He’s one of the calmest and kindest people I know, has a beautiful smile, and he’s amazing with kids. Our eleven collective nieces and nephews are crazy about him. He studied finance at a top university in Turkey, worked on Wall Street for a while (wasn’t a fan), and then taught himself how to do web design and development. We both still play soccer when we can.

We married when he was 30 and I was 33, and we fully expected to have our first kid within the year.

On our Floriday Keys road trip honeymoon.
On our Florida Keys road trip honeymoon. No idea what was ahead of us!

Alas, shortly after the wedding, I was diagnosed with stage III endometriosis. The next four years involved many months of ‘trying naturally,’ two surgeries, one IUI (high-tech turkey baster), the dreaded transition to “Advanced Maternal Age” (i.e., the tender age of 35), and three not-so-great rounds of IVF in Istanbul that resulted in one heartbreaking miscarriage in the fall of 2015 (at about six weeks) and a failed Frozen Embryo Transfer in the summer of 2016.

We moved on to donor embryos through California Conceptions. We pre-paid for up to six tries, with each try (supposedly) having about a 65% success rate. Our first try (two embryos transferred) ended in another miscarriage (blighted ovum at seven weeks) in early 2017. Our doctors said it was probably mostly a lot of bad luck. (Hey, someone has to fall on the crap end of the statistics.)

Our second double embryo transfer resulted in a pregnancy with a boy due in March 2018. As of February 2018, so far so good!

In the meantime we got a cat, a goofy grey tabby with four white feet. He makes us laugh a lot. 🙂

Here’s a longer version of Our Story.


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