I Ain’t Afraid of No Birth

I think I’m in a minority here, but I am really not scared of a natural birth at all. I am, of course, trepidatious about things going wrong, but if I were able to assume a natural, healthy, uncomplicated birth, I wouldn’t be the least bit scared of it. I’m just excited for it.

Obviously I cannot blithely assume a natural, healthy, uncomplicated birth. But I feel like I’ll be in good hands if things do go a bit sideways. I’m just so excited to meet our little one after all this time, and I have a feeling that will be the dominant thing on my mind.

And what’s several hours of physical pain compared to four years of horrendous mental anguish? Especially if I’m well prepared enough to let it flow through me, not resist it, knowing it’s for a very good cause. With my husband and my doula beside me (we finally settled on Doula 1 and feel really good about it!) and a simpatico doctor, all in the place where I was born… I just feel good about it.

That is, of course, very easy to say while my uterus is still smaller than a volleyball. I’ll revisit this post afterwards and let you know precisely how full of shit it was 😉

But I’m reading up on birth a lot, listening to podcasts (both good and bad birth experiences), drawing from a variety of experts, and so stoked about my doctor’s 5% c-section rate, it just seems like my body can do this. I’ll be so jazzed if I ever get to that place, I feel like I’ll fly through birth. Not that it will be easy, but it will be… what it will be. And it will be good. Primal, empowering, life-changing. Having such a great team around me will help in relaxing me and maintaining my confidence as my body does its (incredible) thing.

Who knows? It could be nothing like that at all. But it’s nice to feel confident about something for once, and I feel like that can only be helpful. A self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing.

And if not, well hell, I can enjoy my delusion until then 😉


9 thoughts on “I Ain’t Afraid of No Birth

    1. I know, right?

      I’ll also happily take no meds over a long, painful induction, a cut or tear to my lower body, and/or major surgery. (Meds increase the risk of all of these, and so does stress.)

      Not everyone is lucky enough to go into labor in a timely fashion with the baby in the right position — but here’s hoping!


    2. Ah, just clicked over to your page. Sorry about the recent news. We’ve been there. A lot. I really hope you’re out of IF hell quicker than we were! (Took us four years.) There is just nothing like it. 😦

      Congrats on the three frozen ones. May one or more be growing and thriving soon!


  1. So with you here. My first birth I was in unmedicated labor for over 18 hours and dilated up to 7cm and kind of welcomed the pain. After all, it was bringing me my baby! Eventually had an epidural more labor and c section but the unmedicated labor was the best part. Excited to read your story. Xo


  2. I love that you are so excited about. Birth is incredible! You are preparing for it so well so I like to think your chances are high. I’m glad you have the doula all sorted now and are happy with your choice. She did start to seem like the right one just with what you wrote.

    Have you been watching birth videos? I had no interest in them with my first but I was obsessed by them with my VBAC as I really really wanted a vaginal birth. I found them so helpful. I wasn’t really interested in the baby coming out of the vagina bit but in how the women who had success laboured. What they did, how they responded etc. It was really really good to watch them and I feel it set me up well.

    Yay for birth! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to read about it when the time comes.


  3. That’s great! There’s no reason to assume there would be complications so why not feel positive and hopeful for a natural birth? I’ve been trying to focus more on the positive birth stories for instance where the women say how amazing it was at the end and describe that euphoric moment of meeting your baby for the first time!


  4. I love the optimism. I think this is a great attitude and will help carry you through the birth. I can on,y speak for myself, but it truly was the most amazing experience of my life thus far. To one of the points you made in your post: The physical pain is fleeting and I cannot recall it in vivid detail, but I can recall each time I was told a pregnancy was not viable and the tears, screams and heartache that accompanied each loss.


  5. I’m so excited for you!! The more I immerse myself in it the more excited I get. I was very afraid at first but the positive birth stories definitely help and there are so many resources out there.


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