C-section Rate 5% — No Joke

Wow. So I mentioned in a previous post that I thought I read that my OB has something like a 4% c-section rate. It was a big reason that I chose him. But then I couldn’t find the stat again, and I wondered if I had imagined it. It seemed too good to be true.

It was… but not by much. I asked him about it today.

He smiled a little bashfully, as if not wanting to appear too proud, and said, “Do you know, I have the lowest c-section rate in the state. It’s about 5%.”

Not gonna lie, I was pretty gobsmacked. “Wow. That’s incredible.”

“Yeah. So if you want a vaginal delivery, you’ve come to the right place.”

I smiled. “Well, I understand anything can happen, but Plan A is definitely to be as natural as possible.”

“That should always be Plan A,” he said. Then he scowled a little. “Do you know there are doctors here with a 70% c-section rate? One whole group averages 50%. So women who chose one of those doctors will probably end up with a c-section. And they don’t even know it.”

Those are the kinds of doctors I’m talking about when I talk about wanting a doula. I recognize that I got the best doc in the state (hallelujah), but birth is unpredictable. He could be on vacation when I give birth, and I could end up with a Dr. Slice. I’ll need a doula more than ever. Or a nurse might try to rupture my membranes or do some other “routine” intervention that could cascade up into even my OB needing to do a c-section. And I really wouldn’t want to mess with his stats 🙂

(Doula 1 also has about a 5% c-section rate among women who attempt labor with her. She doesn’t count scheduled c-sections in her stats, and I think she rarely takes those anyway. Doula 2 has a 19% c-section rate, which honestly seems a bit high, but I don’t know how many of them were planned. I’m back leaning toward Doula 1 again. I’ll try to choose by the end of the week.)

Anyway. The nurse today listened to the fetal heart beat (152 bpm), and the doc said my ute was growing nicely, and there’s really nothing to report. Other than finally some good news on the insurance front: My OB doesn’t charge per visit but wraps it up into his delivery fee next year, which means it’ll all go toward next year’s out-of-pocket max, which means they’re essentially free (or, well, no added cost) since I’ll definitely hit my out-of-pocket max next year anyway. (He’s also letting me put off my glucose challenge test until the first week of January, which will be week 29 for me.) Yay.

The MFM is not like that. He charges $200 per consultation. So I won’t be seeing him anymore this year, even though he enjoys traveling to Turkey. Sorry, doc. Maybe next year.


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