By the Way…

I realize I haven’t written any content warnings on my posts so far, and a big part of that is because I consider myself still very much in the trenches. I may be peeking my head out a tiny bit right now for the first time in years, but I’m all too well aware that one misstep, one stroke of bad  luck, and I’m right back where I started.

Honestly, I feel like Wile E. Coyote walking over a cliff. As long as I don’t look down, maybe everything will be OK. But I do know I’m walking on very thin ice indeed.

Another part of the reason is because I have followed several “fertility issues” blogs, and it always annoys me when they suddenly clam up as soon as they have good news. I appreciate that it’s out of sensitivity for others who aren’t so lucky at the moment, but I also know I can click away if I don’t feel like reading something, and in general I want good news for EVERYONE. And if I’ve followed you this far through hell, I want to get the good stuff, too!

Just my opinion, and I fully understand and respect that it’s not shared by everyone. But for me, the good stuff is not only inspiring (hey, if she can do it after all that, maybe I can, too!), it’s often also instructive. Birth stories fascinate me. And raising donor conceived children is, of course, its own special, fascinating adventure.

So if I’m very lucky, this blog will turn from a “fertility issues” blog into a “pregnancy” blog and then a “raising donor embryo kids” blog.

*Furiously knocks every piece of wood I can find*

If I’m unlucky, I’ll be knocked right back into the trenches before you know it, a broken down heap of heartache once again, until I pull my ass back up again for another try — once more unto the breach.

But I’ll be honest, and I’ll be open. And if any part of it is tough for you to read right now, I will completely understand if you’d rather steer clear for a while.

Love and hugs to everyone, wherever you are on this “journey from hell.” Whether you’re so far down in the trenches you don’t know if you’ll ever see light again, or if you’re already on to the good part and loving every moment of it.

Or, like me, kind of in between, with so much hope and so much to lose.

Wishing for good things for us all.


6 thoughts on “By the Way…

  1. Congratulations!!! I am very happy for you and your husband to get to this stage and “pass” to the next level. It gives me hope along my journey (we’ve done 2 yrs of fertility treatment). Continuing to keep positive thoughts going for you!

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  2. Great post. Pregnancy after infertility can be a tricky one as on the one hand you want to sing from the rooftops one moment and another you are feeling terrified and panicky about the fear of it all being taken away! And you would like to write all about it while at the same time remaining as sensitive as possible to people still in the middle of the hellish journey. It can be a hard balance! I for one have continued to follow bloggers throughout their pregnancies and beyond as I like hearing the rest of their story and it would give me hope. But I understand that not everyone feels that way and some people need to unfollow for their own protection. Anyway, I’m glad to hear you will still keep updating your blog! x


  3. I’m glad you’re still going to be posting. I have to say there will be way more people supporting and following your new journey than those who decided to step away for a while, which is encouraging :).


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