Nerdz Rule

Yesterday my best-friend-since-second-grade Holly and I went to a Star Trek trivia night at a brewery supply store. Random, I know.

Holly and I were obsessed with Star Trek: The Next Generation as teens. It was such a bright vision of the human future, with problems like hunger and peace on earth long since taken care of, and nothing left to do but hang out on earth and enjoy life or strike out and explore. We were stuck in a tiny town with small horizons and plenty of small-minded people, so it was all the more vital to our psychological well being. A vision of what we could help work toward, some day.

In fact, one of the ways my mom punished me was to forbid me from watching Star Trek for a period of time. And it was a great day when I successfully lobbied to change my bed time from 10 to 11 so I could watch reruns of Star Trek on my little barely functional CRT TV before falling asleep.

What’s funny is that when they announced Star Trek trivia night, we just assumed they meant The Next Generation and maybe Deep Space 9, Voyager, and/or Enterprise. We both completely forgot about the original series, which neither of us really watched.

Luckily they alternated between TOS and TNG questions, and there were five teams, and we did ten rounds of six questions each. The most anyone got in a given round was 5, and probably the most common score was 2. They used Star Trek trivial pursuit cards for the questions, and a lot of it was the kind of minutiae you’d really never know unless you had no life whatsoever, like the random made-up names of planets in various episodes. The most random question I answered correctly was the name of the trader who brought Tribbles to the station in The Trouble with Tribbles — Cyrano Jones. I knew because I’d recently watched the DS9 remake of that episode and then went and watched the original series episode to see the starting material.

But some of the questions were really good, and we had a great time racking our brains and trying to out-nerd the other nerds. In the end we won and got free t-shirts out of it, and we were unaccountably proud of ourselves. Like, all those hours finally paid off in some tangible way. 😉

I’ve not been making much headway with my novel lately. Not only am I too jumpy and anxious to settle down to it, my brain is also so fuzzy, and sometimes when I’m trying to edit I feel like a tiny ant on a chessboard. I can barely see the pieces right around me, much less what’s going on on the rest of the board. Guess I’ll just have to take advantage of moments of clarity and keep chipping away.

Another weird thing: I know I should be eating protein-packed, nutrient-dense food, but meat and vegetables just don’t appeal that much. All I want is carbs. And cheese, which I’m mildly allergic to. What’s up with that?

My ultrasound on Monday happens to fall on the full moon. Two weeks after that, a total solar eclipse will wend its way across the full span of the continental United States. We plan to spend a night in Kansas City and then drive north into the path of totality, probably at St. Joseph, that Monday morning. Really excited for it. I’ve heard there’s just nothing else quite like it.

Still trying not to let myself feel much of anything (though hope springs whether I want it to or not, especially with so much queasiness, which is new for me), and walking into that ultrasound place will feel like the Bataan Death March, with a very real possibility of trauma heaped on trauma. Just trying to keep calm and carry on as much as I can.


4 thoughts on “Nerdz Rule

  1. I am impressed with your nerd status! Been thinking of you constantly. Sending my love and hope on Monday. You have created a great universe around you- hoping there is a special return come monday.

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  2. Yes, I’ve been thinking about you a lot too (remember exactly how you must be feeling, even though it’s almost 28 years ago for me!) and am hoping so much for positive news on Monday.

    We went to Bulgaria in 1999 to see the total eclipse there and it was AMAZING! We have many friends in KC who we met here in Ramallah (my husband’s company is based there) and are SO jealous of everyone. Another total eclipse is definitely on our “to do” list for when we finish in Palestine. We are having to contend ourselves with a partial lunar eclipse on, of all days, Monday! Love to you both. xx

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  3. Nerds definitely rule :)!! I’m so excited to hear about your ultrasound. I’ll be thinking of you.
    The eclipse is happening on my birthday. I wish we could go see it in it’s entirety. I’m so jealous! lol


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