Lucky Sevens?

OK, I had this whole spiel about not believing in omens, but get this:

  • My embryo transfer was 7/7/17
  • First beta was 7/17/17
  • Second beta was exactly 777 more than first beta
  • And my ultrasound? It’s scheduled for August 7
  • Then the first two OBs I called seeking a first appointment both had the same first date of availability: August 17

Coincidence? Yes. But still kinda funny.

Also, when I got in the car today to get my blood drawn for my second beta, Sweet Child o’ Mine (Guns ‘n Roses) was playing on the radio.

Another time, before I left for California, I turned on the radio hoping for inspiration, and it was Mama, I’m Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne.

And then there’s that figurine I found in a junk store in Oakland that completed a set I’ve had since I was two years old.

I feel like Indiana Jones after he said, “X never, ever marks the spot.”

All I can say is: If this one doesn’t work, the universe is really, really, really mean! 😛

P.S. Now that there’s a somewhat better chance I’ll be shooting my ass for the long haul, I put together a nice system in the bathroom: Big syringes are in a heavy glass cup, small needles are in a small glass teacup, progesterone is just next to the Q-tip cup, alcohol wipes are in a small painted Turkish bowl we got for a wedding present, and sharps container is in the corner so it won’t block the cat’s way and end up batted into the toilet.

Really hoping I’m settling in for 7 and a half more weeks of it. Now it looks nice instead of everything crammed into a plastic bag and shoved into a drawer.

The estrogen patches are in a little drawer in the kitchen. For some reason. I guess so I can slap them on while I’m making my morning tea. I’ve found they work much better if I use an alcohol wipe on the place where I plan to stick them, then dry it off with a cloth before applying the patch, then I hold the patches firmly in place with the palms of my hands for 30 seconds.

The things you learn after four years of this stuff…


10 thoughts on “Lucky Sevens?

  1. Great idea to organize everything. I’ve always kept it in the box it was shipped in for the duration of each cycle, having to rummage around everything nightly. Unpacking sounds way better, I may have to try it.

    Hope it’s an easy few weeks to the US!

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    1. Thank you. We’ve been through two losses, so we are not counting any chickens. Trying not to think about it too much at all until we know if something is really happening or not. The scars from this whole “journey” are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I hope we’re all “out of the woods” as soon as possible!


  2. I’ve just caught up on your good news! Congratulations, I’m so excited for you! Hoping and praying that your first ultrasound will go well. I can understand the anxiety. Your beta values were great through, so this is already looking like a nice strong pregnancy.

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    1. Ah, I’m just catching up on your good news, too! Congrats on making it past the ultrasound! That’s one step we’ve never made it past. Hoping this will finally be the one xxxx

      Sending all kinds of good thoughts and vibes and hugs your way! IVF is so much more stressful than donor embryos, when you get to outsource the whole “egg” factor. Kudos to you for making it through four rounds, and just so happy this one is going so beautifully. It gives a lot of people hope, including me!


      1. By the way, you probably know this by now, but I’ve been catching up on your blog and just wanted to mention: Your thyroid generally isn’t “fixed” by taking meds for a while. Once you start taking meds, you’re usually on them for life. I hope you’re also monitoring your thyroid levels closely during pregnancy, because it’s very important, and the meds and hormones tend to make it go a bit haywire. (My TSH just doubled from 1 to over 2 even though I increased my dose from 60 to 110 once I started the FET medications! This isn’t normal — mine tend to go more haywire than usual — but worth checking out.)

        Two things that can help are getting enough iodine and selenium in your diet, as these are crucial for thyroid function, and many people are deficient these days.

        I just put one drop of (tasteless) liquid iodine drops in a drink each day to get the 150mcg we need, and eat one Brazil nut per day to get my daily value of selenium. Cheap and easy!

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      2. Aw thanks so much for your lovely comments! We’re delighted, I had honestly started thinking it would never work for me and started preparing for the alternative. I’m so grateful and happy to be pregnant after so long! I can imagine how nerve wracking the wait for your scan must be after all you’ve been through. I’m thinking of you constantly and hoping so much this is it for you both!
        Thanks for the thyroid comments too. I didn’t realise back then that it would be something that couldn’t just be fixed by taking meds for awhile! But I’m still on the meds now and I asked my gyno when he took my blood recently to check my TSH value again so I’ll keep an eye on it now. xx

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