1st Beta

This is ten days past transfer, which would be 15 days past (effective) ovulation date.

After the last transfer, my beta on ten days past transfer was 91, which wasn’t doubling like it should and was lower than average.

This time my number is: 732.

That’s exactly twice the median beta value for twins on Betabase. (God, I hope it’s not quads… kidding. The chances for that are astronomically low. There’s just a lot of variance in beta numbers. But a stronger number means a stronger placenta, or possibly more than one.)

Now, a big number is great, but the real test is to see if it doubles on Wednesday. And then, of course, the desperately dreaded ultrasound. (I’ve failed every “pregnancy” ultrasound I’ve gone through.) Etc.

But this is the first time I’ve kinda felt like an overachiever at anything related to conception and pregnancy!

So… two hurdles cleared (home tests and first beta)… many to go.

Today is another good day.

P.S. Yesterday I wasn’t going to watch Game of Thrones — didn’t want to upset my mental / emotional state. But then when we were out walking at dusk, a baby snake wriggled by just in front of me — and those things wriggle FAST. I nearly jumped out of my skin. (Not scared, just really startled.) Then I followed it across the walking path and bike path to make sure it got safely to the grass on the other side.

After that, I figured fictional dragons wouldn’t be any big deal at all…


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