This One Feels Right

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to get a donor embryo profile and finally feel like it’s  right. It feels like a deep, cleansing breath. A feeling of, “Oh, this is what we were waiting for.”

I’ve been waiting for that feeling for so long.

Both donors are charming. She has mostly Egyptian and some Turkish (!) heritage (the exclamation point is because my husband is Turkish, and I never thought we’d snag a part-Turkish donor!) and is studying Middle Eastern and South Asia Studies and plans to pursue medical school. And she raises guide dog puppies — how cool is that?

He’s a dentist from India who’s studying to be certified to practice dentistry in the US. An intrepid immigrant like my husband. According to the description, he has similar height and coloring to my husband as well. Both seem like well-rounded, down-to-earth people.

It’s just an overall vibe. These are people I could be friends with. I respect people who say that’s not important, and they’re probably right. Every child is its own brand new creation. But my kids may try to track these people down some day (as I believe is their right if they wish to), and it’s comforting to think they’d likely be simpatico.

Of course, getting a profile I love puts that much more pressure on the outcome. But I’m feeling pretty good these days, and hopefully I can just smooth-sail through something for once.

God help me, hope springs eternal… 😀


7 thoughts on “This One Feels Right

  1. Hey, congrats on finding a donor! That sounds like a fantastic match, and I am definitely in the camp of “It’s important to feel an affinity towards the people who will share genes with your kid.” Fingers crossed for a smooth transfer with a happy result!


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