Beta Beta Beta, Can I hate ya, hate ya, hate ya?

It’s funny because we’re old… 😛

My BBT was quite low this morning, so I seriously doubt it’s a miracle pregnancy, even though I’ve been having plenty of phantom symptoms. Still, I have to get a beta drawn to make sure it’s under the seemingly arbitrary level of 10 so I can start BCPs and get started on my next cycle. It was 14 on Friday, and the half-life should be around four days, so I should be made in the shade. But my stomach is always in knots before a beta test.

Wish me luck. Will update.

Buying wine on the way home to open when I get the results.

UPDATE: Opening the wine now, because wine. No beta results yet. But I got a new bread knife, which we’ve been needing for two years, ever since our storage unit got robbed while we were in Turkey doing useless rounds of IVF. We can cut bagels again without cursing. Yay.

UPDATE 2: Beta result is 6. Just waiting for CC to call and confirm that I should start BCP today. Onward and upward.


3 thoughts on “Beta Beta Beta, Can I hate ya, hate ya, hate ya?

      1. I am hopeful you will. Enjoy a glass of wine and I have full faith there aren’t a ton more of those for you in the not too distant future.

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