Beta down to 14

My beta is down to 14 after it was 500 two weeks ago. A good drop, but not good enough to start the matching process for next time until it hits 2. Until then they won’t even tell me if they’ll need another saline ultrasound or not. If they make me do it, it’ll mean an extra round-trip plane ticket plus $350. I wish I had some idea so I could prepare.

But, of course, in the unlikely event my beta does something bizarre, it could change the game plan, and they keep costs down by waiting to make a game plan until all the relevant info is in. I suppose it’s smart, but it drives control freaks like me a bit nuts sometimes. I want contingencies. Percentages. I want to know every possible branching path all the way to the end and the likelihood of each at every branch point.

Right. Haven’t I learned anything by now?

So, testing again in another week. More waiting in the dark. One woman said it took two weeks for hers just to go from 12 down to 5. I hope mine isn’t that stubborn. But exponential decay can be agonizingly slow at the tail end. (I miss doing math sometimes.)

Actually, I just looked up average decay rates in a PubMed study, and it seems beta-hCG has a half-life of around 4 days at this point, which means I should be at 2 around next Monday (though the half-life seems to get longer as time goes on — not quite a clean exponential curve). Maybe I should delay my test until then.

At least each of these tests “only” cost $26. But it kind of hurts spending money on “pregnancy” tests that only show how not-pregnant I am. And they add up, especially on top of everything else.

Plus my back has been a mess lately. I tweaked my neck doing a shoulder stand at a two-for-one treat-myself-on-Valentine’s-Day yoga class. I put off going to the chiropractor for a week because my insurance doesn’t cover it as well as it used to, and by then it was really painful.

He popped everything back into place, but then two days later I felt another part lower down go out of whack when I was doing morning push-ups. Probably because the other parts of my back were still inflamed and just not quite doing what they were supposed to. And this tweak was even more painful than the last one. Dammit, I should have just taken it easy for a while, but I so wanted to “make hay while the sun shone” and get in good shape before my next embryo transfer. It was the one thing I had some control over.

So I had to go to the chiropractor again, and now my whole back feels poised on the edge of going out, and I feel infuriatingly fragile. I won’t be able to go to ballet class or play soccer this weekend.

Ah, well. At least I’ve been getting great work done on my novel, and on the thriller novel I’m editing for pay.

There art thou happy.

EDIT: My husband massaged me with muscle rub, and I’m feeling much better the next day. Yay.


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