Fourth Beta Also Fine

They had me do another beta today even though I didn’t want the stress of it. I was too tired to argue. Thankfully it jumped from 253 to 546, which is a 43 hour doubling time.

We hung this beta result and the last up on our refrigerator as if they were our kids’ school projects that we were proud of. Right next to actual drawings by my first-grader pen pal in Louisiana, Makaylajazleen. She really loves pikols (pickles).

(Can you tell how hungry we are for kids?)

So basically my numbers have been dodging and weaving a bit, but the overall thrust is within normal parameters. In fact, if you plug them into the hCG calculator over at BabyMed, I’m trending right along the “average” line. (If you throw out either the first or the second number, there’s no problem at all.)

I am so done with these betas — all the stress cannot be good for an embryo (or two) trying to (hopefully) burrow in and develop!

The numbers still aren’t spectacular, but they seem… fine. Hopefully.

In any case, I’m so grateful to still be in this.


5 thoughts on “Fourth Beta Also Fine

      1. Totally true. I am always so glad getting a pregnant test puts you at week 4 already. It feels like a jump start. Hoping this waiting season flies by.


  1. Congratulations! The first few weeks is always so frustrating and agonizing. I had up and down betas with my first pregnancy due, ultimately, to a vanishing twin and my second pregnancy (from donor eggs) started with a beta of 45! Both ended up with beautiful, healthy babies. Hopefully you are now on the road!


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