High TSH — 5.35

At California Conceptions, they told me not to bother testing my TSH (thyroid hormone) level, because it had been excellent (0.95) in the fall.

But I knew better. My “excellent” TSH number went straight to hell when I was pregnant the (first and) last time — up to 6.24 — and that ended in miscarriage. They upped my dose from 25mcg to 50 at that time, and I did 75 three times a week for a little boost up to an average of 60, to help me have a little margin of error. That resulted in my “excellent” result in the fall.

When I was taking estrogen for this embryo transfer (estrogen binds to thyroid hormones, or something — anyway it wreaks havoc), I went ahead and bumped it up to 75 every day. Again for a little margin for error, and because I know a lot of doctors just go ahead and tell their patients to up their doses by 30-50% if they’re pregnant. (There’s just not time or money to test for this constantly, and it takes a long time for dose changes to show up anyway, so that’s why I go a little rogue, just trying my best to triangulate.)

I insisted on having my TSH tested this week despite CC’s assurances it was unnecessary, and sure enough — it has surged to 5.35.

I feel so helpless and frustrated. What if this sinks me again? (If, indeed, it is what sunk me last time.)

I’m increasing my dosage to 125 per day until I can talk to a doctor about this. It still doesn’t seem high enough, but I don’t want to go completely nuts.

But even (most) doctors don’t really know what to do — they tend to tinker around with it and then test every month or so. I don’t have a month. And I think it’s better to have too much than not enough. So should I go completely nuts? 150? More?

For now I’ll try 125 and hope to talk to at least one doctor tomorrow.

So sick of this. Every time you think you can take a little breath…


7 thoughts on “High TSH — 5.35

  1. Ugh. I have been there before- treating something you know you needed to in your gut and you feel like you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I am impressed with you for taking the reigns on this and hope it is simply unnecessary stress. I had the gut instinct my progesterone was low so doubled my own dose, had it tested at a lab and sure enough I was right. It is so frustrating to have to be our own medical care but also majorly impressive of you to take control. Hope clarity comes soon. Xo


    1. My husband thinks I’m obsessive-compulsive about this stuff — and he’s right. Of all the things I regret about this whole “journey,” one is definitely the hours and hours of my life I’ll never get back that I’ve spent researching the endless aspects of healthy conception and child bearing. (So much studying for something I can’t even do! And if you do finally graduate, all you get is what almost everyone else got for free.)

      But it’s hard to stop when my obsessiveness has been helpful in at least some crucial cases.

      Scary to hear about your progesterone — that’s a big one. I know a couple who was just about to try IVF and then finally checked her progesterone levels. They have a beautiful baby now, naturally (other than the extra p).

      I think, maybe, this will be OK. I caught it early enough that the little blob doesn’t have a brain yet, and thyroid hormones are especially important for that. I think. Still in the process of researching it.

      *Eyeroll* Can I just have a kid already?

      Sigh. Breathing. Breathing.


      1. I did some research too and everything says that if you catch it early and monitor and treat it- even super high numbers can be fine. Read lots of stories of women with 20+ who had healthy babies. Still, I imagine just one more thing is frustrating. Your level of commitment and also your ability to stay level headed is going to make you an amazing Mom.

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    1. In all your posts and through all the ups and downs you always land in a place of perspective and strength. You are most certainly allowed freak outs along the way.

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  2. oh no, sorry about the thyroid situation. Hopefully the strong meds will help it to go down. I’m not sure what to advise you in terms of dosage. Mine went up too in spite of taking meds from all the IVF hormones. I randomly read yesterday actually that eating brazil nuts can help your thyroid naturally, so no harm snacking on a few if you have some!


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