Blast Off

Two beautiful blastocysts are nestled right where they are supposed to be.

For some reason the names Ozzy and Harriet went through my mind when I saw the embryos, and it made me laugh. So that’s what I’ve nicknamed them. I know “Ozzie and Harriet” is an old TV show — and I definitely hope they’ll settle in for a safe, cozy, undramatic ride — but I’m also kinda naming them after Ozzy from Survivor and Harriet Tubman. I love Ozzy’s survival skills, and I have a feeling at least one of our kids is going to be someone who works for a little more justice in the world.

(I named our previous embryos after the direwolves from Game of Thrones. Didn’t work out very well for the embryos or the direwolves.)

We have about a 1/3 chance of twins, 1/3 chance of a singleton, and 1/3 chance of no pregnancy. By far the best odds we’ve ever had. Fingers crossed for twins.

Here’s looking at you, kids.


4 thoughts on “Blast Off

  1. Thank you all — trying really hard not to pee on any sticks until at least (the equivalent of) 12 days past ovulation! First beta test is on Friday the 13th.

    No symptoms really other than a bit of fatigue. (I always seem to have mild psychosomatic nausea during the two week wait, so I’m just ignoring that!)


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