4 cells

Beautiful crescent moon tonight with Venus below and Mars above. The kids* currently have about 4 cells — tomorrow, if all goes well, they’ll have about eight. Then something nutty happens and by Thursday they’ll have a few hundred cells and be differentiated into a trophoblast that will become the placenta and an inner cell mass that will hopefully become a human.

(*I know they’re not kids right now — I’m being optimistic 🙂 )

I spent this morning changing around my travel plans to go back home on Saturday instead of next Thursday (yay!) and the afternoon walking around the Stanford campus and smelling the eucalyptus trees. It was a cool, rainy day, and I managed to be in a cafe right during the rainiest part. (It was sunny, too, so there may have been a rainbow.)

Two days ago I gave myself my first intramuscular injection (I had the nurse put Sharpie circles around the correct sites on the back of my hips), and surprisingly it wasn’t that painful. But then last night it felt funny when I jammed the one-and-a-half-inch needle in, and I think I hit a nerve or something, because it’s painful today like I got kicked really hard. Oh well — I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

The egg donor had a great haul at 20 eggs, so here’s hoping we get some top-notch embryos out of it. On average out of 20 eggs you’d expect to get about 8 blastocysts, but some people have superhuman eggs, and they could end up with 20 blastocysts. That’d be pretty crazy — my kids with up to 18 genetic siblings? How fun would it be tracking them all down (or as many as we can find)? Now that’s an extended family!

The energy work I got done on Saturday really made a big difference, and I feel so much lighter and clearer than I have in ages.

In general I feel so much more mellow than I have with any of our other Big Attempts. I’m sure it helps that I have up to five more tries if this doesn’t work (I’d “just” have to pay for meds and travel), but I’ve also been working on being mellower in general. With mixed success. But feeling pretty good at the moment. And trying to take it moment by moment.


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